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You’ll collect one of these Care Bears™  each time you pop open a Care Chest!
Good Luck Bear

Good Luck BearTM

You'll instantly recognize Good Luck Bear with his four-leaf clover belly badge. Good luck must favor the optimistic, because this Care Bear always has a positive attitude and sees the good in every situation, which makes him feel like the luckiest, dare we say charmed, Care Bear alive. We're lucky to have him here and know he's going to do great things for us all.

Bedtime Bear

Bedtime BearTM

When Bedtime Bear is on watch everyone gets a good night's sleep, because that's how every good day starts! He's the best bear you could ask for when you need a GN hug or someone to watch over you while you catch those precious zzz's, and the crescent moon and star on his belly badge are there to remind you that nighttime is always the right time for happy dreaming.

Friend Bear

Friend BearTM

Everyone can use a good fren in life, and Friend Bear spares no effort to make sure that each of us has at least one.  She spreads goodwill and makes the world a friendlier place with her warmth and the two smiling daisies on her belly badge. She loves random acts of kindness, so get out there and be the best friend you can be!

Tenderheart Bear

Tenderheart BearTM

Tenderheart Bear is a lovable guy with a heart on his belly badge, which symbolizes "caring." He's here to spread love and well-being and will always help you open up and share your feelings, because he knows how important it is to make those around us feel special. If there was ever an affectionate Care Bear, it's Tenderheart Bear!

Cheer Bear

Cheer BearTM

Cheer Bear is here to help everyone be joyous. Her belly badge is a rainbow, which helps her solve any problem she faces and inspires hope. You know WAGMI when you see that trusty rainbow! If you had to sum up Cheer Bear with one expression, it's this: "Things really aren't so bad now, and they're getting better all the time!"

Hello Fren BearTM

Hello Fren Bear is your online BESTIE, add him to your buddy list! HFB has no problem making life-long frens in chat rooms all around the world. He loves when people speak and act out of kindness, which is why you'll notice three hearts in a speech bubble as his belly badge.

Self Care BearTM

Have you ever heard that you have to truly love yourself before you can love others? Self Care Bear reminds us to do exactly that. He wants you to know you're perfect just the way you are. His belly badge is a peace sign in a flower, because he is all about finding the peace within so he can spread it to the world.

Warm Fuzzies BearTM

You know that feeling when someone says something really kind and genuine? We call that feeling "warm fuzzies." It’s also that feeling you get when you think about the ones you love even when you’re apart. Warm Fuzzies Bear’s belly badge is a cloud hugging a heart with three flowers surrounding it, because, well, that's just how the warm fuzzies feel!

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